Monday, October 27, 2008


The Democrat presidential candidate wants to spread the wealth around. Is that new thing with him? No; he thinks the courts failed to address that issue when they had the chance.

I have a message for the gentleman who would be my president; SPREAD YOUR OWN WEALTH AROUND AND TAKE YOUR HAND AWAY FROM MY WALLET! The same goes for the next elected congress. Get away from my wallet! I work hard for what little I earn.

When you speak of redistribution of wealth, you are singing a Marxist song. We have done enough when it comes to stripping away our rights. Let's not take the next step this man asks us to take. It will be a fatal one for all Americans, not just the ones with a little money.


John Gillmartin said...

Looks like you don't goose step well either?

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

Not at all! I don't know anyone who does; so how is it that this man leads in the polls? -- kds