Saturday, May 30, 2009

Free to Worship?

This Sunday, when you are in your relative comfort and freedom to worship the Lord Jesus, whether you do it in a house church or traditional setting, remember this story, found here. New Iranian followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, along with their house church leader, were arrested recently. In Iran, you are free to worship, just so long as it is the false god Allah. If an Iranian wants to follow Jesus, he is as good as dead. Yet men and women are turning to Jesus; why? They love the Lord Jesus more than their own lives.

In Pakistan, the Christians face the same kinds of horror. Muslims told one couple that guilt or innocence (of blasphemy against Islam) did not matter; they would kill them anyway. Death is the only thing a follower of Jesus deserves, according to these twisted men.

If you think this is isolated, maybe this story will be a little closer to home, especially if you live in a state like California. San Diego (or nearby) authorities have decide his home Bible study of five years is an unlawful assembly. The pastor and his wife are facing fines of up to a thousand dollars a day for gathering to worship.

Now granted, facing a fine does not even come close to the persecution others face. But wake up! It's a step in that direction. Forces against Christianity in the Western world are feeling bolder each day. Your freedom to worship will soon fade away, if something does not change.

It may well be that is what it will take to bring revival to the Western church. Also, it may well be that this will be the final days before the return of Jesus, something we Christians are exhorted to look for and desire.

Enjoy your freedom while you have it!

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