Sunday, March 21, 2010

Integrity, part 2

Tonight was a historic moment for citizens of the United States. Tonight, your congress sold its soul to socialism. Voting to nationalize healthcare is only the symptom, so hang on to your hats.

The foundations of our republic are seriously cracked. They cracked with the slow, but steady, turn from being a Christian nation to being a Christ-less nation. They cracked when moms and dads found Sunday to be "Fun Day." They cracked when we reached a point when sin and sinful leadership is tolerated and even expected. They cracked when churches began to overlook sinful behavior in the name of love and acceptance at any cost.

Only a self-governed people can tolerate a free republic. By "self-governed" I refer to people who are self-disciplined. I refer to people of integrity. I refer to people who have a moral foundation. That foundation has serious flaws and is in danger of completely crumbling.

Unless America's Christians put away pride, persevere in prayer, seek the face of the Father, and walk away from wickedness--unless that happens and happens soon, this nation will go the way of the few European nations who once stood strong, blessed by their Christian citizens.

Repent, America! Repent, or perish.

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