Sunday, March 21, 2010

Counting the Cost?

I wonder if we realize how much of the Bible is plain common sense for every day living? That is one of the things that sometimes we overlook.

One of those common sense teachings is in the Gospel According to Luke. It's Jesus' parable about counting the cost. Now, admittedly and most importantly, it refers to counting the cost to be his disciple. But don't ignore the common sense analogy. You don't go to war against a larger enemy without counting the cost. You don't start a major project without counting the cost. Those are the simple truths that Jesus used to impress the spiritual truth that we must count the cost to be his disciple. More about that in a moment.

First I want to point to the historic vote taking place as I write this. What so many do not know is that these men and women who are voting in favor of what is now called "Obamacare" have no clue as to the real cost of the bill. They are ignorant of that fact. In fact, they don't even know everything that is in that bill. That 3,000-page bill. That monstrosity of legislation. Aside from the bill that Obama's own actuary said he cannot calculate, the Congressional Budget Office only sent an estimated cost. Read that again: an estimated cost. The Dems are pushing for a vote on an item for which they have not counted the cost.

Only a fool votes for something or someone they know nothing about.

They are praying for 217 fools today. I am praying for 218 wise men.

Let this battle be a lesson for believers. Although my heart is broken for the United States, the United States, ultimately, is not my home. Heaven is my main home. The United States is just one place in which I and all believers are pilgrims. This is because I have counted the cost. It is wiser to be on the winning side. Jesus is the winning side, no matter what happens in this crazy world we are passing through.

Let's use this image and the subsequent fallout as an illustration of what happens when you do not count the cost. Many will suffer an eternity in hell because the failed to count the cost and "vote" the right way.

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