Monday, March 15, 2010


Where has all their integrity gone? Where is integrity in America? Where is it in Congress?

If you have been listening at all to what is going on in Washington, talk is strong that the healthcare bill is going to be deemed to have passed without even voting on it. How can they do that? By changing the rules in the house. It's insane to think about. Passing a bill without voting on it is chicanery. It is the lowest of integrity.

Integrity is all we have, people. You will not stand before God and be a liar. You will not see his face if you are characterized by duplicity. God hates lying. Hear that: GOD HATES LYING! He is the Spirit of Truth. Lying is counter to God.

Pray that we return to integrity, people. Pray for revival in America; perhaps it's not too late.

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