Sunday, May 30, 2010

Remember! You're in Charge!

Today in our morning worship, one of our men reminded me of something as he prayed for this country many call "America." He said that this country is a republic, and therefore belongs to us. I was particularly moved by that prayer, especially those words. My friend who prayed is exactly right.

America belongs to us.

America does not belong to the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, or the Judicial Branch of government. Instead, it is ours. In fact, those three branches of government are ours. Those men and women in power would have you think and believe that they are in charge; but they are not. Folks, they work for you if you are a tax-paying citizen of this country. They are called public servants for a reason.

My friend continued to pray and made the most poignant statement. He said that he was laying his part of the United States of America at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was declaring that his part of America was under the Lordship of Christ.

I agree. And I laid my piece down again today. My piece is also under the Lordship of Christ.

Remember this: each of us has a part of this great nation. If the followers of the Lord Jesus would do what my dear friend did, what a difference we would see in this nation's activities and life.

What will you do with your piece?

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