Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are You Connected?

Today they turned on my phone service in our new home. It supposedly came on at 8 PM, local time. Now how the time managed to be set in such a way is a mystery to me. Almost all things related to this particularly well-known phone company that begins with the letter “A” is a mystery to me. But that is the information they sent me.

So at 3 PM this afternoon I dialed my new number from my office. Sure enough, I got an invalid number notice, along with a fast busy signal. So much for hoping for an early connection.

At 7:30 I looked at our brand new cordless phone, probably made by some outsourced subsidiary of the same company that will be my phone service provider. The phone is modern enough it had, in bold letters, “No Line.” That should have been a clue. But I am not up to speed on all these fancy things that can happen in the US of A. 20 years in Peru dulled my knowledge of technology.

At 8:04 I looked again.

Still no line.

That did not surprise me. I have never known phone companies to get in a hurry. Once we waited a week before someone called to ask what we even called about. By then I had forgotten what I had called about; oh, yes; it was a bad phone connection.

At 9:15, I called my new number, using my trusted cell phone (which is not controlled by this world-famous company). My new number rang and rang. But it never rang in the house.

Mr. Clueless was catching on. “No line” means no signal of any kind is making it into the phone jacks.

So I proceeded to set up my wireless network, making it through 2 steps. Step 3 is registering the service online. But there is no line to go online to.

Along came my latest thoughts. You can have it all in the right order, but be disconnected from God. If you are disconnected from God, you won’t get His signals. You won’t get His messages and calls. You won’t go “online.”

There are many things that can cause a disconnect. You can have a disconnect because of a broken line. You may have allowed your life to be corroded by sin and to chew through that prayer line that keeps you in touch with God.

You may have not used the proper connections. Your prayers must be in the name of Jesus. Sorry, no one else can give you access. He has a monopoly. He paid the bill. He owns the line. You pray in his name, or your prayers are disconnected.

Are you connected? If not, why not?

Get online. You won’t regret it.

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