Monday, October 06, 2014

Another Nail in the Coffin

I could not state more eloquently the results of today's news from SCOTUS than did Dr. Al Mohler in his latest op ed. Still, something more must be said than has been said.

For more than 60 years there has been in the United States a systematic attack on the most essential component of a nation and its society: the family. Those who think this is simply societal evolution at work are blind to the truth. I am about to step in it big time; but if I go down, I am going down swinging.

First, the standard model of the family unit (not perfect by any stretch of the imagination) changed when the breadwinner of the family changed from singular to plural. I want us to get our minds onto the same page, so we need to think sociologically and (more importantly) spiritually, and not economically. Fewer and fewer children had a parent at home when they finished school for the day. More and more children went home to an empty house. More and more children began to be supervised in after-care programs and by the new rage in media, the television.

Second, a closet organization working for same-sex rights began to quietly place into motion one of the most sinister plans to hit these United States. The second piece moved in this game of spiritual chess was the one designated as equal rights. Long before the equal rights amendment was debated in the public forum, the concept of lack of equal rights was talked up in small, but influential circles. Soon it became the mantra of angry, hormone-laden young people of the '60's. That's right, ladies; some of you were used to further Satan's agenda to destroy this nation (not to say we men were not!).

Third, there needed to be an expected right to privacy. America wanted to bow down before the false god of Molech, just as they had already begun to bow before Baal and would soon bow before Ashtoreth. They needed to be convinced to sacrifice their babies. Why? Was it just to exterminate babies through the most heinous act of infanticide in the history of the world? Or was something else at work, as well? Yes, something more was at work.

The small, but influential group of homosexual activists began their work on societal mores. They had to remove the stigma of homosexuality; the right to privacy was just one piece of that. These purveyors of perversion knew they did not have the voice of the churches, or of mainstream America. But if they could achieve a backdoor coup and convince the "scientific community" (I use that phrase loosely) to make some changes, then America would eventually follow. Their target? The psychiatrists and psychologists. Get them to declare same-sex attraction to be normal and we will be well on our way. And, as we all know, they succeeded. The genie was out of the bottle. Those preachers who claimed that same-sex attraction was a deviation from God's norm and God's standard now stood against the finest minds of the 20th Century.

Fourth, they had to convince the nation to strike down sodomy laws. One by one states dropped those laws; after all, there is a constitutionally protected reasonable right to privacy, right? Wrong! Wrong! and Wrong again! The logic of such is ridiculously flawed. That will have to be a discussion for another time.

This is the time that equal rights needed to resurface. America has been softened to the shock of sinful behavior. After all, divorce is now so commonplace that most homes do not resemble the once beautiful family unit. Television and Hollywood have conditioned us to see positive role models of same-sex couples. And, if that were not enough, the now small and very powerful same-sex community has purchased enough votes and frightened enough politicians to have their people in high places in government; these same cowards appointed and approved pro-same-sex judges, who are hard at work. Now we need to speak about same-sex equality.

If the same-sex communities can find enough people to challenge marriage laws, they would now have enough judges to make asinine rulings and legislate from the bench the right to same-sex marriage. They found them and the judges, while fondling their fleeting power, made the rulings they were hoped to make. Today's decision by SCOTUS to not hear the cases was an act of cowardice and a perpetration of treason against the family unit and maybe even this nation.

Get ready, people. It won't be long before every state has to follow suit. Ready yourselves, pastors. It won't be long before you will be tested. Be ready, churches. You are about to be challenged in court to try to require you to accept same-sex couples, allowing them the use of your facilities for their marriages. Write into your statements of faith your convictions about that subject. And be inclusive in your language. Describe a man as a man born a man, and a woman as a woman born a woman.

Weep, America. The Supreme Court of the United States just drove a same-sex nail into your coffin.

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