Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Tyranny of an Unchecked Government

Recent headline news surrounding the same-sex movement in America includes a story out of Houston, declaring that its lesbian mayor and what can only be an activist judge has issued subpoenas against key pastors in demands that they turn over their sermons that may mention homosexuality and/or the mayor herself.

I wonder if Houston knew what they were getting into when they decided to show America how tolerant they were by electing this woman to be their  mayor? I wonder if Houston ever dreamed they would be in the national news for such a tyrannical act as has been perpetrated by this woman and her disdain for the Christian church?

Americans have so long ignored the dirty fingers pulling at the threads of the garments of freedom that they have been caught by surprise by this woman's actions. So many have warned America that her foundational principles of freedom were being systematically attacked. If it is not free speech, then it is the right to keep and bear arms. If it is not the right to keep and bear arms, then it is the protection from illegal search and seizure. If this group or the other espouse conservative doctrine, count on an audit from the IRS.

I hope that Mayor Annise Parker has awakened this nation to the tyranny of an unchecked government. I hope that she has lit the match that creates a fire of freedom from the tyranny of this government--one that burns from coast to coast. If so, thank you Madam Mayor. Your foolish threats against Houston's pulpits has awakened many.

Wake up, America! You may still be able to wrest away from the purveyors of perversion the powers that now rests in their hands. Perhaps, God willing, it is not too late.

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