Friday, January 27, 2017

Life Really Does Matter

Today is the annual March for Life. This annual march began over 4 decades ago, and now involves hundreds of thousands who are pro-life. They come from all walks of life, too. Many are women; but there are a number of men involved, as well. There are Catholics and Calvinists, Protestants and Pentecostals, Baptists and Baby-boomers, Millennials and Mennonites, Jesus People and Jews. This group is Black, White, Asian, Latino, Arab, European, Indian, Native American---the list is too long to describe. And they are gathered in Washington because they want to send the message that life really does matter.

I have read the trend feed on Twitter today. Some of the comments from pro-death proponents have been ridiculous. Some are beyond the pale when it comes to language and description of those who believe life really matters.

I want you to know why life matters.

Life is a gift from God. It's not yours to take away from another. It's so precious that God even wrote a commandment about it. That commandment says everything you need to know: you shall not murder. Now, to be sure, I went back and read that just this afternoon. I did not see an exception for unwanted pregnancies.

Think about the words of Jesus. He said it's the thief who wants to kill and destroy. Jesus came to give life.

Life really does matter, ladies and gentlemen. Life is good. Love it. Celebrate it. Stand up for it. Fight for it.

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