Monday, August 20, 2007

Planning and Preparation for Disaster Relief

The Mission has already sent one team down; their job was to assess the damages from last Wednesday's earthquake, give some immediate relief to the few they could help on short notice, and then return with a report. We meet today to form the response teams.

There are several teams in place all over the stricken area. But there are so many communities that were affected that no single entity can do this alone. We plan to be as strategic as possible, sending help where we can make the most difference.

Meanwhile, the aftershocks continue; with them, death continues to sting the survivors. Yesterday's 5.7 aftershock claimed a 12-year-old boy when a cement beam fell on his head. He had gone over to that part of his fallen house to pick up the sledge hammer and bring it to his father. It was his last act of obedience.

Heart-wrenching stories like this can be replicated a thousand-fold. There is no way to paint an accurate picture.

One local paper showed hundreds trudging out of the city, looking for other places to live. Hunger is driving them out. There is no food to be had. What food is available is under lock and key for fear of looting and robbery.

On the positive side, one pastor lost all he had. His house was completely destroyed. Yet, this man of God ignored his and his family's needs for shelter to help his and surrounding communities with their needs. His selflessness is astounding. May we find many more like Pastor Cesar before this tragedy ends!


Anonymous said...

Kevin, thanks for keeping us updated. Our hearts are there with you. Just wish our hands were also! You know that you all are in our prayers. We love you, Sylvia

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...


Thanks for your prayers. I know it is not an easy thing to have lived somewhere for so long, hear about something like this, and be so far away. But your prayers are the most effective and powerful thing any of us have. I am glad we can count on that.


Adam said...

This summer I went to Peru for 2 months and Roni Asavadilokchai was there also. I am interested in possibly going back down there to Peru and helping in the relief effort. Do you know anyone I should contact? God bless your work down there.

Adam Parker <><

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...


You may contact the International Mission Board (disaster response) if you want to work through them. Their number is 800-999-3113. Once we get the teams going, the people there will give you some guidance.