Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quake relief efforts

Fox News carried an interesting story this morning. You can read it here.

Baptist Press also carried an interesting article. You can read that here.

We are trying to find drinking water to take down with us tomorrow; it's for our teams. It's a challenge. Most water companies have sent their boxes of water down to the relief effort. Yes, they sell water in boxes here. Naturally, it's in a thick plastic bag with a spout, and only contained inside the box; but it makes it easier for transportation.

We are making progress; but we can't seem to make it quickly enough. God grant us patience and endurance to run this long race...

You can follow other updates at our relief information site.


Linda Muse said...

I appreciate your posts and pictures on the earthquake and the relief efforts. They have been very informative. I have prayed for Peru and this situation.

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

Thank you, Linda, for your comments. thank you for your prayers. This has passed of the radar of the media; but thankfully, it has not faded from the heart of many good people--and especially from the Lord.