Monday, August 20, 2007

The Tragedy of the Michael Vick Saga

This is a respite from the constant news about the earthquake. My mind needs the break.

Mr. Vick is in trouble. He reached an agreement with law officials. His crime? Dogfighting. Mr. Vick may go to jail for this. He can spend up to five years in prison for his crime. What he did is ugly. It's despicable.

The tragedy is this: Mr. Vick will probably go to jail for killing dogs. That's probably something he deserves. Killing dogs for sport is a sick-minded thing. Yet, hundreds of men and women who murder babies through abortion walk the streets of America as free men and women. Kill a dog and go to jail; kill a baby and make a few thousand bucks.

That is the tragedy of the Michael Vick saga. His crime is worse. Dogs win. Babies lose. America loses.

God help us.


John Gillmartin said...

Powerful insight ... thanks!

On the quake: you'll be disturbed to know that there has been very little coverage in the states about the quake in Peru. It's like there's been another shelf rattler in Barstow, California.

In fact, what is leaving me speechless is the coverage of Vick and not Peru, the coverage of Dean and not Peru, the coverage of Chinese miners and not Peru.

John Gillmartin said...

I just noticed but should have noticed earlier that the Catholic press is on top of the Peruvian tragedy.

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...


Thanks for the comments. On Vick, his fame is symptomatic of our excitement over the trivial.

As for the quake, I am not surprised in the least that America's media have lost interest; it was not gory enough.