Thursday, August 16, 2007

Earthquake in Peru

Our supper last night was rudely interrupted by the strongest tremor we have felt in more than 18 years of time in Peru.

Let Quentin Roberts tell the story from downtown Lima:

"We were downtown in the building when the tremors began….the building floor was shaking a lot….we quickly exit the building to meet total chaos on the streets. The streets were moving like water waves. All the people were running out of the discos and buildings. A lot of tension and confusion was in the air. The people were gathering in the streets and obstructing the traffic. We tried unsuccessfully to get a taxi….they were all filled…we finally got a bus and after 2 hours we arrived home safely.

Prayers are needed for the people who live in the buildings downtown…they are afraid to reenter the buildings because they are adobe and very weak

It was a frightening 2 minutes. News reports claim hundreds have died. Today we will assess our participation in disaster relief in the towns south of Lima. It will be tedious and difficult due to the chaos this has produced.

Pray for Peru!

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