Saturday, August 18, 2007

Photos from Peru

A local church in Ica was destroyed by Wednesday's temblor. At least one wall collapsed, along with the ceiling. The building was only a few months old.

In a small community an hour and a half south of Lima, Peruvian Baptist Convention President Pepe Flores looks on, hands clasped tightly, as the local lay pastor exhorts a crowd who had gathered around the research team.

Almost no houses were untouched by the strong quake. Many were not as blessed as this family. Many lost everything. In spite of only having 3 walls standing, many have to remain inside their homes to protect what precious little they have from the roving gangs of looters that have surfaced since the quake.


Frank (or Chip) said...

Kevin, I just cannot thank you enough for posting these fotos and keeping us all informed. As a family it means a ton that we are being kept so up to date on what is happening in our beloved Peru.

My news is coming from your blog more than the media. People here are touched by the tragedy. I was in a taxi here the other day and the driver asked if I was Peruvian (I am working hard to sound more Ecuadorian, but those peruanismos slip out). Anyhow, he said, " Today, we are all Peruvians."

Keep up the good work, Kevin. Julie and I and our children are so very thankful for the topnotch people in Peru that we call family.

Frank Lamca

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...


I appreciate your kind words. You could see the trauma on the face of the team when they got back. It was more than exhaustion from lack of sleep; it was anguish from not being able to alleviate the suffering of so many thousands of people.