Friday, August 17, 2007

In Ica, Peru

The investigation team is in Ica, Peru. The church that they planned to coordinate distribution efforts with has a building far too damaged to use. The school next door was in better shape and has allowed the church members to offload our supplies there.

The pillagers who ransacked one truck, by the way, only got away with a minimal amount of their blankets and personal hygiene items we had prepared for distribution.

My wife Pam tells me they do not know where they will sleep tonight. They are working out arrangements with church members at this time. They went prepared to sleep on the ground, or in the trucks.

Two words describe Pam's impression of what she has seen so far: devastation and danger. The people are desparate, hungry, thirsty, and very frightened. Pray for all involved.


Lynelle, Joe and Jairus Wolfe said...

Thank you for your information about Peru! We will keep praying. PLease keep us updated!

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

Thanks for praying for us! We will keep you posted as we can. When Pam, Wayne, Debbie, and the rest get back on Sunday, I will upload some photos from the areas they have been to.


Frank (or Chip) said...

Kevin, I have put a link to your site at the top of my page. Thanks for keeping us informed. Hope to help as soon si Dios permite.


Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

Thanks, bro. Thanks for getting others mobilized to pray for us down here.