Friday, August 17, 2007

Earthquake, part 5

News reports by local television showed large crowds of men and women standing along the highways, rushing any vehicle they thought might be carrying relief items. Vigilante justice is beginning to take over the harder-hit areas. Pray for our caravan of 4 vehicles that are loaded with relief items.

The team had stopped outside one of the hard-hit towns; there they sent in one truck with the adminstrative support leader for our missionaries. He was going to consult with officials and try to get some better indication as to where the team should consider investigating.

The aftershocks still continue at the rate of about one an hour--this, 2 days later.

Thanks for praying!


Laney said...

thanks for keeping us updated through your blog. i put a link to it on my blog so that my prayer partners could stay up to date as well.
it's hard for me to sit around Lima with all that is going on, but i know there is an order to getting things done, so i'll just keep doing my part and stay on my knees!
love u!

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

Thanks, Lane. You will have lots of chances to help out with this once the team gets back and makes firmer plans. The difficult thing is organization right now. The coordination is key to doing this well--and that is not happening where the team is trying to get to.